Project Description

CR Smiles – Bucyrus Dental Care at 117 South Poplar Street, is now offering Dental Implant consultations. Dental Implant consultations are always free, and we are excited to show you why we are the only dental practice in Crawford County that is sponsored by a Dental Implant company. If you would like to know what good dental health is like, come to life at CR Smiles Bucyrus Dental Care. Where smiles are contagious.


Dental implants are roots placed in your mouth for either permanent teeth to be placed on or ones that you can remove. Dental implants are done to improve a patient’s smile and usually their self esteem. Having missing or bad teeth can be quite embarrassing. Dental implants also can be done to improve oral health. Many people find it easier to eat with dental implants. Their speech can also be improved. Dental implants are also more comfortable because they are made to become permanent.


Many forms of tooth replacement only sit on the surface of your gums. Dental implants, on the other hand, fuse with your jawbone. The implants work like tooth roots, providing the jawbone with the proper stimulation it needs to stay healthy. This stimulation will prevent future issues like more missing teeth or jawbone deterioration from occurring. They will keep your entire mouth working the way it should.


Besides this health advantage and other benefits that come with dental implants include:

  • Stay in Place: Like natural teeth, implants will stay in place while you talk and eat, so you don’t need to worry about any embarrassing moments.
  • No Changes in Routine: You can care for dental implants just like you would natural teeth.
  • Last for a Lifetime: If you take care of your implants, they will keep your jaw healthy and your smile beautiful for your whole life.
  • Same Strength: Implants have enough strength and force to bite down, chew, and do all the things that natural teeth should do.
  • Create a Perfect Smile: They look and feel great in your mouth. You can feel content with your full and complete smile again.