Project Description

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry goal is to make your ideal smile come to life. We offer transformative cosmetic services like ZOOM teeth whitening, beautiful porcelain veneers, and realistic dental implants. You deserve to feel confident in your smile.


ZOOM Teeth Whitening is a quick and successful method to getting bright, white, brilliant teeth. With ZOOM, you can see beautiful results in just one short appointment. You can choose to whiten your teeth in the office or at home. This professional solution will whiten your teeth more noticeably and quickly than store bought tooth bleaching kits. Our ZOOM Teeth Whitening will provide you with an enjoyable whitening experience with low sensitivity and incredible results.


Veneers are thin shells intended to cover the front side of teeth to hide stains, chips, decay, or irregularities. A dental technician uses a model created by a dentist to make a custom shell out of special materials. Because veneers require removing some enamel, they are usually permanent. Your dentist will typically recommend avoiding food and drink that will stain your veneers. Veneers can chip or crack, but overall the results are worthwhile and many people are thrilled with their new smile.


Dental implants are roots placed in your mouth for either permanent teeth to be placed on or ones that you can remove. Dental implants are done to improve a patient’s smile and usually their self esteem. Having missing or bad teeth can be quite embarrassing. Dental implants also can be done to improve oral health. Many people find it easier to eat with dental implants. Their speech can also be improved. Dental implants are also more comfortable because they are made to become permanent.